Cloud first SD-WAN for your Cloud enabled business

Viatel cloud first SD-WAN is the next generation of WAN technology which is built and optimised for the cloud. Viatel connect your sites through plug and play routers which connect to our single pane of glass control and monitoring software, making it simple for you to scale, view, control and report on the performance of your multi-site network.

Benefits of implementing an SD-WAN solution include:

Your Network, Your Way –
Unlike other providers Viatel do not force our clients to deploy Viatel connectivity in order to enjoy the benefits of our SD-WAN technology. Viatel SD-WAN can be quickly deployed across any carriers connections.

Ultimate Control and Visibility:
Our SD-WAN technology provides you with unrivalled control and visibility of the application traffic on your network. Give priority to your mission critical traffic and applications while demoting non-critical traffic like social media. Once you have visibility you have control.

Intelligent Path Control –
For ultimate uptime Viatel deploy primary and backup access connections to all sites on the SD-WAN, unlike traditional MPLS solutions which leave the backup connection idle and unused our SD-WAN networks can load balance or intelligently route traffic over the optimal connection.

Secure WAN with Threat Management –
Our SD-WAN solutions are deployed on security appliances integrated with built in world class Next Generation security threat defence technologies. IPSec VPN technology is used to ensure secure communication with cloud applications, remote offices, or datacentres. Viatel SD-WAN solution pushes security to the edge where advanced security features like next generation firewall, IDS/IPS, malware protection and geo-IP based firewall provide you with impenetrable network perimeters.

24/7 Monitoring and Alerts –
Our SD-WAN solutions are monitored by our Dublin based SOC team who are backed up by the Gartner recognised Cisco Talos security centre. Each connection is monitored end to end 10 times per second for packet loss, jitter, latency, and capacity all wrapped with our 24/7 support and rock-solid SLAs.

Cloud Support –
Viatel SD-WAN has been built and optimised for you and your cloud journey, our solution easily integrates with Viatel FLEXIcloud, Microsoft Azure and Office 365, Amazon Web Services and all other key cloud service providers.

What Our Customers Say About Us –


Rigney Dolphin & Relate Care

“Partnering with Viatel has helped us improve our access. Viatel’s willingness to communicate openly and talk in plain language generates trust and builds confidence in future growth.”

Dr Frank Dolphin

CEO | Rigney Dolphin & Relate Care


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