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Viatel Technology Group: Our Gender Pay Gap

Viatel Technology Group has reported an overall gender pay gap of 4.3%.

The digital services and business telecoms provider employs 275 people with office locations in Blanchardstown, Dundalk and Limerick. Findings in the report are based on employees of three Viatel Group companies: Viatel Ireland, Digiweb and ActionPoint.

Transparency and Trust

Welcoming the publication of the pay gap analysis, Paul Rellis, CEO of Viatel Technology Group said “We have a talented and passionate team that takes exemplary care of our customers. As our organisation grows, it is a pleasure to witness the level of diversity in our workplace increase. Publishing these findings resonates with our core value of trust. We want to be open and transparent in this, as in everything, with our employees and the wider community.”

Comparison Figures

At 4.3%, Viatel’s pay gap is less than half the national average of 11.3% and compares very favourably with other companies in the sector. This is no cause for complacency as far as Paul is concerned. “We may be a market leader on this front but we want to be a real beacon of inclusivity in the tech sector.”

Increasing Representation

We know that our gender pay gap arises from the proportion of males occupying senior and specialised roles within our organisation. In total, just 29% of our team is female. Improving representation across the company is not a simple issue to address. However, we have shown that, when we make it a top priority, we can make progress. For example, we have successfully increased the representation of women at senior management level in recent years. I am glad to report our Senior Leadership Team is now almost a 50:50 split.”

Mind the Gap: Action Plan

Policies and initiatives put in place by the technology group to tackle the gender pay gap are also detailed in the report. Improvements in flexible working, leave policies and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) are designed to help all employees. Paul concludes, “Creating a supportive workplace that allows each employee to fulfil their potential and balance their professional and home life is core to our ability to succeed. We look to each and every one of our team members to help us continue to be a market leader. Our culture is strong and getting stronger every day!


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