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Trust Me: Your Company Needs an 1800 Number

1800 numbers are freephone company numbers. Free to ring for the caller, the business receiving the call pays the bill. 0818 numbers, on the other hand, cost the caller the price of a local call. Traditionally, 1800 and 0818 numbers were used by contact centres and sales departments to encourage customers and prospects to get in touch. Now they are popular with charities, hotels, retailers and many diverse organisations eager to invite inbound calls.

These numbers made headlines in January 2022 when ComReg[1] reduced the NGN (non-geographic number) ranges. That change obliged thousands of businesses to change their main contact details to 1800 or 0818 prefixes[2]. Each 1800 and 0818 number is, of course, unique and many desirable, easy to remember numbers were snapped up in advance of the 2022 change. A lot of good options still remain but the sooner you search for yours, the more choice you will have, making now the ideal time to consider an 1800 number.

Benefits of an 1800 number for your business:

1. Customers are more likely to call you

Freephone numbers are a recognised means of increasing incoming communication. The public recognises 1800 as a freephone number and this has been proven to boost response rates to advertising and marketing campaigns.

2. Trust

Three in four Irish adults have received scam or nuisance calls or texts[3] . The public is wary of any unknown number appearing on their screen. 1800 numbers are widely recognised as credible corporate freephone numbers. An 1800 or 0818 number bestows instant credibility. Moreover, as 1800 numbers are usually the main company number, they appear on business websites so it couldn’t be easier for consumers to verify that they are legitimate.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience

Making it free for your customers to call you indicates a customer-orientated company that takes customer care seriously. 1800 numbers benefit brand image while enhancing customer experience.

4. National presence

Perhaps your company supplies products and services nationally from one local office base. A main number with a geographic area code (021, 061, etc) will make your business appear regional even if your reach is anything but. Ensure potential customers in other parts of the country don’t discount you by securing a non-geographic 1800 or 0818 number.

5. Size matters

1800 and 0818 numbers are usually associated with larger organisations. They can help to lend an impression of scale while you are still growing. Perception is a large part of the buying process. Make sure your company looks big enough to be part of the conversation.

6. One number, many hybrid work locations

These days, your team may be working from 20 different homes, offices and home offices on any given day. Once they can all be reached on the same single number, your company presents a united, professional front to the world.

7. They cost less than you think they do

The rates associated with 1800 numbers have fallen dramatically over the years. At Viatel, we don’t charge for set up or rental. You only pay for what you use, billed via a single monthly invoice. If you find that your 1800 number is costing you too much, with your current provider, you may be tied to legacy rates. Our experts are happy to take a look at your current costs to see where we save you money.

8. Freedom and choice of numbers

Within the 1800 and 0818 ranges, businesses can choose their own number from the available stock. This means you are not limited by area codes and you can pick one that’s easy to remember. Search for available numbers on our NGN number checker or reach out to our experienced team for help on 1800 930 860.

How do you get an 1800 number?

Viatel Technology Group can secure new 1800 and 0818 numbers on your behalf. The new number will be directed to the existing number nominated by you. If you have an existing 1800 and 0818 number, we can port it to the Viatel network to save you money. In both instances, everything will be operational in two-three working days with no disruption to your telephone service availability.

Contact our team on 1800 930 860 or email

_____________________________________________________ [1] [2] ComReg reduced the NGN number ranges on 1 January 2022 removing all 1850, 1890 and 076 numbers. The rationalisation was designed to simplify the system and reduce costs for both callers and organisations. See Comreg: [3]


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