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Centric Health scales with Viatel Technology Group

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Centric Health: Overview

Centric Health's team of 500 staff provide primary healthcare services to over 550,000 patients across Ireland each year. Centric Health operates across an ever-expanding network of purpose-built primary care facilities.

Solutions: How Viatel Technology Group Supports Centric Health

Centric Health partners with Viatel for their extensive national SD-WAN network and for private cloud services. The primary care provider originally migrated from a mixed technology network to a Viatel Cisco Meraki SD-WAN which is far better suited to their strategic expansion plans. SD-WAN facilitates central management making it the ideal solution for enterprises with dispersed branches. The fully managed network facilitates the delivery of cutting-edge patient care, safeguards security and promotes patient privacy.

“We're growing and having a secure and stable network is paramount to what we're trying to do. Growing the business and growing our offerings to our patients and beyond is something that we're really enthusiastic to do and the offerings that we get from Viatel through innovation and the services and the support is just vital to our business.”

Luke Tyrrell, Head of IT, Centric Health


Fundamentally, Centric Health requires a stable and secure network that can easily scale alongside their business. Viatel’s fully managed SD-WAN solution offers seamless onboarding of new sites. It also offers customers the flexibility to remove legacy sites from the network, if required. By immediately onboarding new branches, Centric Health can deploy security to protect their entire network.

“We have our SD-WAN solution covering all of our practises so when we do go into partnership with a practise, the first thing we do is increase the infrastructure that they have. We put in place some security with firewalls etc.”

Luke Tyrrell, Head of IT, Centric Health

The Viatel Difference

The trust established from years of reliable service and the relationship with the account team within Viatel gives Centric Health reassurance and peace of mind.

“Having that ability to pick up the phone and talk to anyone on the account team…and being able to talk through any issues we may have, having that reassurance and that trust that you need from a supplier to be able to operate and know that you're in safe hands.”

Luke Tyrrell, Head of IT, Centric Health

The Future

Eimear Nealon, Enterprise Team Lead with Viatel Technology Group, has worked closely with Luke for many years as Centric Health’s Account Director. Eimear reflects, “It is always wonderful to watch customers like Centric Health thrive. At Viatel, our solutions are always growing to offer our customers everything they need. It is great to see our partnership with Centric Health expand from networking into cloud and now managed services and hopefully into many more exciting areas in the near future. We look forward to supporting Centric Health’s invaluable services in the community for many years to come.”

Watch: Luke Tyrrell, Head of IT, Centric Health on Working with Viatel

See what Luke has to say about the experience of partnering with Viatel Technology Group [1.49]

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