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Secure SD-WAN: Network to the Cloud

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The significance of network architecture in the context of cloud migration cannot be overstated. In a new report, ‘Secure SD-WAN: Network to the Cloud’, Oliver Mallon, Head of Solutions at Viatel Technology Group, shares his valuable insights on unlocking the potential of cloud-ready networks.

Oliver examines the inefficiencies and limitations of traditional hub-and-spoke network model, once the cornerstone of Wide Area Network (WAN) architectures. He highlights the evolution of Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) as the successor, providing a solution that not only efficiently directs network traffic but also addresses issues related to user experience and security.

Of particular focus is Oliver’s exploration of how SD-WAN ensures the secure and efficient routing of user traffic to storage and compute workloads in the cloud. This vital aspect is a game-changer in the realm of modern networking.

Sharing the journeys of valued customers like St Francis Credit Union, Cpl, and Centric Health readers will witness the tangible benefits of adopting SD-WAN in real-world scenarios. These success stories demonstrate how organisations have harnessed the potential of SD-WAN and how it became the cornerstone of cloud migration.

Download and read the report here for comprehensive insights on:

- Rethinking WAN infrastructures

- Securely connecting to the cloud

- The role of SD-WAN virtual appliances

- Benefits: efficiency and scalability

#1 SD-WAN Provider Viatel Technology Group is Ireland’s leading provider of secure SD-WAN. A proud Cisco partner, our customers benefit from a tried and tested deployment model and 24/7/365 access to Meraki certified technicians. You can learn more at (

About the author Oliver Mallon is Head of Solutions at Viatel Technology Group. The solutions team offers technical consulting services to customers and potential customers, working with businesses to understand their requirements and map those to potential solutions. The insights gathered during customer consultations play a pivotal role in shaping Viatel’s product roadmaps. You can contact Oliver at


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