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From Vulnerable to Vigilant: CPL's Cybersecurity Transformation with Viatel Managed Security

Cpl is a global provider of talent solutions to startup companies, multinationals, and SMEs in every sector from Pharmaceuticals to Fund Accounting. Since 1989, Cpl has been managing extensive talent solutions and handling sensitive client data, making cybersecurity a key concern. A cyber incident in 2022 reinforced the viewpoint that Cpl, like every company, needs to continually invest and improve upon their security posture highlighting the necessity for the continued implementation of more advanced security measures to protect sensitive data and ensure operational continuity.

To address these issues, Cpl leveraged their long-standing and trusted technology partner, Viatel Technology Group, to advise on and help implement our Managed Security Solution alongside our partners at ArmorPoint.

The challenge: Multifaceted Cybersecurity Challenges

The cybersecurity challenges Cpl faced were multifaceted. Initially, their existing security

measures were insufficient for detecting and mitigating sophisticated cyber threats, as exemplified by the 2022 breach. This incident brought to light several critical issues:

  • Proactive Threat Detection: Cpl’s systems were from multiple vendors, with no ability to operate together. This reduced their ability to protect sensitive data, or provide a single pane of glass view - a problem Viatel Managed Security solves.

  • Limited Internal Expertise: With a relatively small IT team, it wasn’t possible for Cpl to effectively monitor the enormous amount of global threats out there, so the decision was taken to partner with an expert in the field to provide that coverage.

  • Regulatory Compliance Needs: Operating under stringent EU regulations like GDPR, Cpl faced the challenge of not just protecting data but proving compliance amidst rapidly evolving legal requirements.

We’ve seen quite a few different SOCs and solutions, and they weren't all that they led us to believe...a lot of them offer similar services, [but] they’re all very disparate services, they’re not connected. So, if we want to integrate one particular piece of technology that we use, bespoke connectors would have to be built or we’d have to have plug-ins for things- Keith O'Connor, Director of IT

Given these challenges, Cpl sought a cybersecurity partner that offered not just advanced technology but a solution that would integrate effortlessly with their operations, enabling their IT team to focus on broader strategic initiatives rather than constant security concerns. What’s more, it was critical that this partner be both trustworthy and reliable.

The Solution

  • Proactive Monitoring and Incident Management: Deploying Viatel's Managed Security solution was crucial for Cpl. Providing 24x7 monitoring, our SOC empowered Cpl with early detection and resolution of security threats, vital for maintaining uninterrupted security and operational integrity. This proactive approach ensured that potential disruptions could be addressed promptly, keeping Cpl’s systems secure and functioning effectively.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Support: The implementation of Viatel's Managed Security solution aids Cpl in adhering to strict regulatory standards like GDPR and preparing for future legislation like the Digital Operations Resiliency Act (DORA). Keith explains that this is crucial for Cpl as it helps maintain their compliance posture and ensures they implement all necessary controls, which in turn, enhances their reputation as a secure and reliable talent solutions provider.

As part of a multinational company, having a managed SOC is crucial not just for compliance but for business. We handle numerous DTIAS, GDPR, and cybersecurity requirements for our clients weekly, and SOCs, EDR, XDR agents—all of that—are listed as a top priority every single time. So, demonstrating that we have a reputable SOC partner goes a long way in helping us secure more business.

  • Seamless Integration and Customisation: Viatel Managed Security's solutions were integrated seamlessly into Cpl’s existing IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for any bespoke integrations. Keith emphasised the compatibility of Viatel's system with their operations, explaining:

...your product was very much out of the box. It was very evident to us that it’s been around a while, that other customers are using it, and that it wouldn’t take much for us to connect that into our environment.

  • Unified Visibility: The Viatel Managed Security Platform provided Cpl with unified visibility of their entire attack surface under a single pane of glass, which significantly simplified the management of security incidents and monitoring of system health. Keith highlighted the impact of this unified visibility:

The ability to have a single pane of glass to be able to log in and see ‘Okay, look at these. These are the incidents that we have on the go at the moment’ was a significant factor in our decision. It allows us to see everything that’s happening in real-time, which is incredibly reassuring and enables us to respond swiftly to any issues.

Connect with Viatel

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Viatel Technology Group is Ireland’s leading independent comms and digital services group. Viatel provides best-in-class business networks and connectivity, cybersecurity, cloud and Microsoft solutions to thousands of enterprises. To explore your organisation’s security or other services, please contact our team on 1800 930 860 or email

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