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Secure Your 

Fully Managed Cybersecurity in a Single Pane of Glass.

Powerful Security, Made Simple by a Single Solution

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Threat Detection and Response

Quickly identify and mitigate network threats as they happen in real time

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IT Incident Management

Ensure the network is secure and at safe operating levels after any setback

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Automated Asset Discovery

Automatically detect and monitor new endpoints that connect to the network

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System Performance Monitoring

Monitor IT performances of the entire network stack right now to the endpoint

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Event Log Management

Record, store, and organise event logs and usage data for any network component

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Security Automation and Orchestration

Adjust and control every facet of your security efforts through a single pane of glass

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Real-time Event

Immediately catch and isolate events that could pose a serious threat to the business

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User & Entity
Behavioural Analysis

Detect anomalous user behavior to stop malicious acts before they start

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Compliance Reporting & Management

Easily pull reports and essential data to display compliance at a moment’s notice

A More Secure Future Starts Here. Talk to an Expert.

Powerful Security and Compliance, Simplified.

  • Managed SIEM
    Viatel’s Managed SIEM adds a full management layer on top of our powerful SIEM (security information and event management) technology. We ensure your network is as secure as possible at all times. Our security experts monitor, analyse, manage, and protect your network from threats–24/7/365, freeing in-house IT resources to focus on other projects. Tools: Security Automation and Orchestration Log Management Real Time Event Corelation Vulnerability Management Unified Security Dashboard
  • SOC Management
    Viatel Managed Security is an all-in-one security operations centre (SOC) that meets the needs of organisations that don’t have a dedicated security member of staff. It is also an ideal solution for companies who want to cost-effectively outsource certain tasks. Our fully managed SOC services make your security operations (and life) so much easier. Tools: Intrusion Detection Threat Detection and Response Incident Management Vulnerability Management Threat Intelligence Anti-virus Device Protection Security Orchestration & Automation
  • NOC Management
    Viatel’s Network Operations Centre Management enables comprehensive monitoring of network components to optimise business IT efforts. With customisable analytics, stakeholders gain real-time insights into the impact of security operations on business processes, while enjoying unified visibility of network health and performance. Tools: System Performance Monitoring Real-time Event Correlation Log Management File Integrity Monitoring EDR Automated Asset Discovery User and Entity Behavioural Analysis Compliance Reporting and Management
  • EDR
    Securing your endpoints against threats on a myriad of devices can be quite a challenge—but it doesn’t have to be. Viatel provides managed endpoint protection to ensure your company maintains complete control and visibility of its network. We can protect all of the most-used devices and operating systems with the same level of functionality, leaving no potential entry point to your network unprotected. Tools: Asset Protection and Control Network Attack Protection Botnet Protection Exploit Blocker Anti-virus and Anti-spyware

Reasons to Choose Viatel Managed Security

Increase Your Security Maturity Quickly

Viatel Managed Security follows a proven onboarding plan for faster implementation times that enhance outcomes and avoid your business paying for unused “shelfware”. Consult directly with expert personnel who are always up to date with the evolving threat landscape.

24/7 Availability

Our round-the-clock availability provides continuous monitoring and incident response. This addresses the need for constant vigilance and quick response times. It reduces the risk of security incidents going undetected or unaddressed, particularly where there may be single person dependencies in-house.

Efficient Incident Response

Alleviate alert fatigue and the burden of incident response by allowing us to promptly handle security incidents on your behalf. Using data gathered from continually scanning and monitoring your organisation’s environment, we analyse, validate, and respond to all cyber threats and areas of exploit.

Resource Efficiency

Maintaining operational security in-house can be costly and difficult to staff. Leave the 24/7/365 monitoring, analysis, and remediation efforts to our cyber security professionals, freeing up busy in-house  IT teams to focus on operational excellence and priority projects.

Advanced Analytics

View all of your assets through a single pane of glass and share the data that matters with dynamic dashboards, reports, and analytics. Customisable KPI dashboards display the data you need to make decisions. Schedule relevant reports to deliver to key business stakeholders.

Compliance and Regulatory Support

Continually assess and easily prove compliance with regulations with real-time infrastructure mapping and full-stack topology. Pre-defined reports support a wide range of compliance auditing and management needs, easing the compliance burden on your organisation.

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