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Viatel Achieves Specialised Cisco Certification

The team at Viatel has just been awarded Cisco’s Small Business Specialisation certification. Viatel partners exclusively with Cisco for our award-winning SD-WAN solutions. This latest certification follows on from Viatel’s selection as Cisco’s Transformation & Innovation Partner earlier this year.

Who is Cisco?

Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT and networking. Cisco’s philosophy that amazing things happen when you connect the previously unconnected matches Viatel’s unwavering belief in the potential of telecoms and technology to empower and transform business.

On the Shoulders of Giants

Globally, Cisco’s customers include Boeing, Walt Disney Co, Microsoft Corporation, Amazon and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Traditionally, Cisco’s customers tended to be large, global organisations that typically employed 1,000 or more employees. As smaller companies become the fastest-growing segment of the business community, demand ballooned for knowledgeable network professionals who could successfully design and deploy Cisco solutions at a different scale. The Small Business Specialisation emerged as way of identifying and rewarding Cisco partners like Viatel with particular skill and experience deploying Cisco Solutions for organisations with up to 250 employees.

Account Management, Engineering & Support

Like all Cisco certifications, to earn the ‘Small Business Specialisation’ designation, Viatel had to meet stringent requirements. In addition to their years of practical experience, account managers and engineers within Viatel had to undergo training before sitting exams. The company also had to document the comprehensive support available to our customers through our 24/7 Network Operations Centre.

Take Advantage of our Expertise

Discover what your company could achieve with Viatel’s networking expertise. We have a team of ‘Meraki Masters’ available for free, no obligation, one-on-one consultations. To set up a session or simply have a quick chat, contact us on 01 256 9200, email or visit us at


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