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No Downtime. Anytime: Viatel launches the Orion Autofailover

Connectivity is critical to Irish business. This was true pre-Covid. Then the pandemic accelerated digital strategies and cloud migration plans so now even the most basic, everyday applications are accessed online. Network outages bring work screeching to a halt. Businesses are suddenly plunged into the devastating impacts of downtime. Viatel aims to save companies from outages with the launch of the Orion autofailover.

The cost of downtime

On top of plummeting employee productivity, disruptions are a huge liability in terms of missed business opportunities. In an age of instant communication, customers demand quick responses. If you fail to deliver, it can damage your reputation, brand integrity and result in a loss of customer confidence.

Introducing Orion

Each Orion is created with two diverse WAN (Wide Area Network) connections. When an outage affects the primary connection, all systems and devices switch seamlessly over to the secondary circuit. This effectively eliminates outages by delivering resilient, always-on Internet.

Available at all locations: Orion is designed to work with any available WAN connection from fibre to enhanced LTE. This configuration, combined with Viatel's extensive last mile network, means that Orion is available to any business regardless of location.

Cost effective: Moreover, Orion has been designed as cost effectively as possible making resilience affordable for many companies for the first time.

What Makes Orion So Effective

Orion outperforms other failover solutions in a number of critical ways.

1. Static IP stream

Orion is uniquely engineered to fail over and back in the same IP stream. This allows real time applications like VPN and VoIP to keep functioning in an outage.

2. PCI Compliant

Orion keeps ePOS systems and card terminals operational and secure so businesses can process payments as usual even in an outage.

3. Instantaneous

Switchover occurs within milliseconds of network failure and restoration so that any disruption is barely perceptible.

4. Fully automated

Orion fails over and back with no need for manual intervention. This means there is no need to call on-or wait for -IT support.

Take Control of your Connectivity

Protect your business with our award-winning autofailover technology. Talk to our team about Orion on 1800 930 860 or


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