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Have a Coffee with...David Szoboszlai

Name: David Szoboszlai

Job Title: Commercial Manager – Voice

How long have you worked with us? 1.5 + 5.5 years

Tell us a little bit about your role please

I look after the commercial aspects of Viatel’s Voice business. This includes pricing, margin management and managing carrier relations. Since 2019, I also look after a small portfolio of international voice customers. I am also responsible for management reporting, and I run a monthly Voice Business Review Meeting for the senior management team.

Give us the highlights tour of your career to date

I graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest as a certified accountant and worked in Finance roles before joining British Telecom in 2007. I spent 9 years at BT, but in the last 5 years of my BT career I was an International Wholesale Voice commercial manager. I joined Viatel in 2016, working for Viatel Global Services for 1.5 years. Those were really challenging times and I decided to move to ComReg late 2017. However – after a major change in Viatel’s strategy in 2018 – I was invited back to the company. Coming back to Viatel was one of the best decisions in my career, and I am proud that I could contribute to the significant growth of the company’s Voice business in the last 5 years.

What do you love most about working with Viatel?

I love that my work can directly contribute to the performance of the business in an exact and measurable way. I am also very thankful that Viatel gave me the opportunity to look after some customers directly – which helped me to learn a lot of new things over the years. Finally, I enjoy that I can work remotely – I have now built my whole life around the flexibility that Viatel offers.

Describe yourself in three words

Patient, responsible, organised.

Tell us something we don’t know about you

I love Formula 1, and I am probably one of the biggest Fernando Alonso fans in the world.

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