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Cyber Security

A Comprehensive Approach to Cyber Security.

Your business operations, value, and reputation are vulnerable to the ever-changing cybersecurity attack matrix. A purely defensive security posture is no longer enough. Today’s businesses need a strategy that is defensive and offensive.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a turnkey approach to cybersecurity for midsize and smaller enterprises, allowing organizations to add 24/7 dedicated threat monitoring, detection and response capabilities that go beyond alerting to disrupt threats.

Responses capabilities are evolving toward faster reactions once a threat is detected. The ability to disrupt and contain threats is becoming paramount.

Our unique approach pairs the strength of machine learning with the intuition of real people to uncover and disrupt cyber threats, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

We are a partner that can amplify your in-house team, augment your MSSP, or be a full-service security solution. Based on your business and risk management needs, you choose the tier of services that best fits your company.

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Dynamic adversaries

The democratization of tools and capabilities means companies must defend against everyone from script kiddies to nation-state actors. The hacking tools and threat methods at play are becoming more invasive and sophisticated by the day.

The Power of Machine Learning and the Intuition of Real People

Managed Detection and Response is about simplicity, not added complexity. Mitigating risk requires augmented security resources and a swift response. When applied in the right way, machine learning can augment the analyst, not replace them. It is not a black box, it is not magic, it is math. We are changing approach to safeguarding our customers’ businesses by:

  • Using machine learning to automate the blocking of known bads;

  • Combining machine learning with human expertise to discover and neutralize unknown attacks, persistent threats, and insider threats;

  • Continuing to provide access to elite experts and advisors to answer questions and help organizations assess their security strengths and weaknesses;

Synthesizing and analysing data from across a wide range of sources throughout the network and systems makes it very difficult for adversaries to hide. We apply machine learning to the network’s security and IT logs at a massive scale, submerging false positives and benign alerts while surfacing and correlating signals that will expose the threat actor. This empowers our SOC analysts to disrupt and contain threats.

Impact of digital transformation

Increasing data volume, the advent of cloud and hybrid computing environments, and more porous networks (e.g. Internet of Things, Bring Your Own Device) mean the corporate attack surface is more fluid and larger than ever before.

Increasing responsibility

Companies are charged with managing regulatory risks and customer expectations across their interconnected chain of suppliers. Any threat or vulnerability needs to be proactively discovered and resolved at a swift pace.

Managed Detection and Response Features

  • Focused on threat detection, geared toward attacks that have bypassed existing security controls.

  • Delivered using a curated technology stack – fast turnkey deployment of the service.

  • Threat intelligence and advance data analytics.

  • 24/7 monitoring, investigation and customer alerting of validated security events with incident triage performed by a person.

  • Threats disruption and containment.

  • Fully managed service so that you can focus on the outcomes delivered

Are you looking to implement or improve your threat detection, response and continuous-monitoring capabilities? Do you need more focus on threat detection, geared toward attacks that have bypassed existing security controls? Have you outsourced security event monitoring to an MSSP and this has led to unmet expectations and negative experiences?

Reach out to schedule a meeting and learn more about our Managed Detection and Response capabilities.

What our customers say about us!


"Moving to Viatel Storage Cloud was extremely fast and seamless - we had to change nothing - knowing we can increase our storage capacities as our business continues to grow is a real benefit."

Tom O'Neill

CEO | Brandon Global IT

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We are very proud of our enterprise-grade solutions and support we supply to our clients. Find out how our tailored solutions can grow your business today.

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