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ISO 27001 at Viatel Technology Group: In conversation with Viatel’s Information Security Experts

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Viatel Technology Group is very proud to have extended our ISO 27001 certifications, which now cover our managed service business and data centres.

To celebrate this achievement, we asked our in-house experts Alex Lowry and Michael McGahon to speak to us about what securing the certification entails, how important it is to our operational improvements and compliance processes and how this benefits our customers.


What is ISO 27001?

The ISO 27001 certification relates to Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and is the international standard for managing risks related to the security of information and data that an organisation holds. As we grow as an organisation, the ISO 27001 framework is key in helping us to ensure that customer data continues to be protected. Having extended our certification across our managed services and data centre business, this shows our unwavering commitment to information security.

How important is it for businesses to choose suppliers that are ISM ISO 27001 certified?

Michael: “It's very important as it baselines the trust that they can have with their provider. It means that they don't need to check every little thing themselves.

At Viatel, we adhere to the standards in place and ensure that we have covered all of the bases, including physical security, operational security and also that our staff are properly trained in data management and security.

Our customers can rely on the fact that we have thought about all of these things and that we have policies in place. We continuously implement those policies and work towards improving them over time.”

What benefits does the ISO 27001 certification bring our customers and our team internally?


“It gives our customers, stakeholders and everybody that we're working with the trust and understanding that we are looking after their information and their data. We take information security very seriously.

It underpins that we have the policies, processes and the way of working to ensure that for them. This ensures that any data that comes into our organisation is handled correctly.

Some of the ways we have implemented this within the group and the things that we have done as an organisation have been to view it from an operational improvement mindset.

Anything that we're doing across the organisation, across every department, the ISO 27001 framework is first and foremost in all decision making. It's embedded in all policies and processes and that way it's reinforcing that we’re doing the right thing at every step.”

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