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Upcoming Webinar & Live Demo: Demystifying AI- How to Integrate AI & Generate Business Value in Days

Updated: May 2

At Viatel Technology Group, we’re always looking for ways we can help you generate business value using technology as your trusted partner.   

We’re delighted to invite you to join us for our upcoming AI webinar, Demystifying AI- How to Integrate AI & Generate Business Value in Days, to help you to unleash the power of AI in your business and take the next step on your digital transformation journey.  

During this session, Viatel’s own experts Simon Kennedy, Head of Digital Transformation and Brad Gibb, Technical Team Lead, will cover: 

  • Real-world examples of how AI is transforming business applications. 

  • Live Demo: See Microsoft's AI Chatbot in action, handling massive datasets for superior customer service and boosted employee productivity. 

  • Viatel’s proven methodology to deploy AI enhanced apps in days. 

  • Expert Q&A: your burning AI questions answered. 

Increase Productivity & Enable Staff & Customers with AI Chatbots 

AI chatbots powered by natural language processing (NLP) unlock valuable data for your business without requiring any technical expertise on your team. By leveraging your organisation's existing data, these chatbots ensure security and governance while offering significant benefits: 

  • Customer self-service: Customers can find answers to frequently asked questions and complete simple tasks independently, freeing up your team for more complex inquiries or tasks. 

  • Faster response times: Chatbots can handle basic inquiries 24/7, significantly reducing wait times for phone and chat support. 

  • Reduced escalations: By resolving common issues efficiently, chatbots lessen the need for customers to escalate to human representatives. 

  • Improved staff productivity: Chatbots can answer routine questions, allowing staff to focus on higher-value tasks and complex customer interactions. 

  • Enhanced research: In professional services and financial institutions, chatbots can streamline information retrieval, accelerating research efforts. 

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The potential of AI in transforming business applications is immense. Excited to explore how Viatel's methodology can help us deploy AI-enhanced apps quickly.

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