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Start your digital transformation with Viatel.

Viatel FLEXI Cloud offers you a bespoke suite of cloud solutions to cater to your growing, scalable needs, enhanced security and greater peace of mind from our data centre in Ireland.


Enterprise cloud compute

A flexible and fully managed virtualised compute environment on high performance servers. Viatel FLEXI Cloud has virtually unlimited scalability and can be seamlessly scaled up or down based on customer requirements. Compute resources can be allocated on our shared cloud environment or alternatively on dedicated physical hardware. In addition both shared storage and dedicated storage options are available to attach to the compute cloud. Viatel’s Software Defined Network allows you to seamlessly share resources with on-prem workloads and the public cloud enabling a truly flexible and hybrid approach for your cloud journey.

Disaster recovery as a service

Ensure your critical infrastructure is always available in order to guarantee business continuity. As a complement to our Backup service, critical data and compute resources can be replicated to our cloud for Disaster Recovery. In the event of a business continuity issue simply call our NOC and those critical resources can be initialised. Our DR-as-a-Service offering enables you to have a DR solution without the hassle of having to manage a separate data centre yourself. We only charge a monthly fee for the reservation of capacity on our cloud, you pay for the cloud resources for each week DR is invoked.

Enterprise cloud storage

Our enterprise cloud storage provides a fully managed, consumption based storage solution in a pay-as-you-grow model. Block, Filesystem or Object Storage is available and can be configured depending on your requirements. Dedicated storage ensures only your data resides on the physical disks avoiding ‘noisy neighbours’ performance degradation and providing security piece of mind. Shared storage is also available. Our cloud storage is located in Ireland ensuring data sovereignty, an on-premise option is also available for larger capacity deployments where the storage needs to be onsite

Backup as a service

Are you 100% confident you can restore your business data in a crisis? Have you ever tested your back-up? Do you have a secondary offsite backup?

Viatel are here to give you greater peace of mind with your data backup and restore.

What our customers say about us!


"We're providing mission-critical SCADA services to a variety of organisations so it was important to choose a secure, reliable cloud services partner. Viatel ticks all the boxes for us in terms of providing the type of secure, scalable, resilient infrastructure and robust SLAs our clients demand of us and we're confident in our partnership as we grow our SCADA business in Ireland and beyond.

Derek Glynn

Chief Operations Officer | EMR


We are very proud of our enterprise-grade solutions and support we supply to our clients. Find out how our tailored solutions can grow your business today.

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