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Achieving Next Level Software Through Quality Assurance

At Viatel Technology Group, Our Quality Assurance as a Service (QAaaS) offering enables organisations to outsource software testing. Through this, our team will catch software bugs and deliver reports on suggested improvements for your software's health.

End-user expectations of technology continue to grow, with better, faster and smarter being the only priority for any end-user. Whether your systems are customer-facing or operationally critical to your business, ensuring that the technology behind them is working seamlessly has never been more important. Below, we're chatting to Aaron Rice, Quality Assurance Manager at Viatel Technology Group, to learn more about QAaaS and how it can help organisations who have ambition in abundance see out their software projects successfully.


1.     Tell us a bit about yourself and your role

"My Name is Aaron Rice and I’ve worked as a Quality Assurance Engineer for almost 12 years. I have been part of the Viatel team for a little over 6 and a half years. In that time, I’ve worked on various projects across many industries. As a QA Manager my primary responsibility is to establish robust QA processes. This ensures that project deliveries meet customer needs and adhere to high standards."

2.    Tell us About Viatel's Quality Assurance as a Service (QAaaS) Offering.

"Our Quality Assurance as a Service offering allows organisations to leverage the knowledge of an experienced Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer who can work with a subject matter expert of their current system. This is done through User- Interface (UI) Test Automation Frameworks that help support the customer's ongoing Development and Testing lifecycle. We implement UI Automated Testing to improve efficiency and to help to reduce costs over time. Automated tests can cover a wide range of scenarios, improving overall test coverage and helping to identify issues earlier in the development process. This also enables organisations to have faster release time for their products."


3.    What is UI Test Automation?  

"UI Test Automation benefits customers by ensuring consistent and reliable software delivery. Automated tests help identify bugs swiftly, leading to higher product quality. This efficiency reduces time-to-market, ensuring customers receive timely updates and features. Additionally, automated UI testing enhances user experience by detecting and addressing potential issues before they impact end-users. Ultimately, it contributes to increased customer satisfaction through a more stable and reliable software product.UI Test Automation is a way to check if software works correctly. It involves the use of specialised tools to simulate user interactions on the customer's application and verify that the expected behaviours occur, ensuring a smoother and more reliable user experience."


4.    What organisations would benefit from QAaaS? 

"Any organisation with its own software development team but who may not have the expertise or capacity within their team to implement UI Test Automation."


5.    How has Viatel helped customers Using UI Test Automation? 


"We have helped speed up the delivery and quality of customer projects using UI Test Automation through our QAaaS offering.  This gives our customers greater confidence in the product they are delivering to the market. "


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