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‘Plan’ Your 2021 Telecoms: Even More Choice for Irish Enterprise

Ireland’s eagerly awaited ‘plan’ has become a reality. One gigabit per second connections have just been delivered to homes and businesses in Cork and Cavan under the national broadband plan.

The dig and duct race

NBI (National Broadband Ireland) joins the list of those jockeying to connect Irish businesses as the dig and duct race reaches fever pitch. Notable developments in the rollout of fibre across the country include:

  • SIRO fibre network now passing 360,000 premises in regional Ireland [1].

  • Open eir fibre connecting over 500 cities, towns, and villages across Ireland [2].

  • Enet: over 5,400km of fibre laid and €50million invested in backhaul [3].

The team at Viatel has closely monitored market progress and partnered with the leaders in fibre deployments to harness the best of these developments.

Analysis paralysis could cost up to 70/80%

Faced with more options that ever before, in such a technical space, companies can actually end up retaining old infrastructure for fear of choosing the ‘wrong’ option. Legacy infrastructure inevitably carries legacy commercials causing businesses to pay way above market rate for substandard service. We have seen enterprise customers moving to Viatel reduce their telecoms spend by 70/80% while improving service.

Wait weeks not years for your future network

An array of fibre options is a problem some companies would love to face. No business should put their digital plans on hold for long-term rollouts. Viatel’s strategy of investing in best of breed core network means we are uniquely well placed to offer customers corporate connectivity irrespective of geographic location. With no fibre options on the Aran Islands, the Inis Meáin Knitting Company turned to Viatel to deploy gigabit wireless technology.

“We have waited ten years for the national broadband plan and we cannot wait any longer, after searching the market we finally engaged with Viatel and they deployed gigabit broadband in weeks not years, we are now in a position to realise our digital ambitions”

Tarlach de Blácam, Managing Director, Inis Meáin Knitting Company

Better together: fibre and wireless combined Downtime is a risk -and a cost- that most businesses cannot countenance. Combining fibre and high-performance wireless is a great option for companies seeking resilient connectivity. Leading outsourcing company, SalesSense, based in Dundalk, Co. Louth, came to Viatel for a service driven partner equally expert in true fibre and wireless technology.

“SalesSense have contracted Viatel for our Customer Engagement Centre based on the quality and design of their fully resilient telecoms solution. Viatel’s hunger and passion to provide our contact centre with all connectivity requirements was a major factor in the decision making.”

Simon Browne, Chief Operating Officer, SalesSense International

Reviewing your business connectivity contracts? Get all the choice and the advice At Viatel, we offer connectivity through all wholesale providers and our own fibre and radio network. We combine this choice with expert advice. Allow our Solution Architects to design the optimal network for you. Take advantage of our one-on-one consultations to understand the array of options. Embrace your future network with confidence. We guarantee you:

  • The very best available service

  • Exceptional value

  • Wrapped with market leading account management and 24/7 support.

We would love to engage with you, contact our team on 1800 930 860


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