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From Army Tanks to Award Shows – The Graduate Experience

While not knowing fully what we were getting ourselves into at the time, to now, looking back one month on, we can successfully say how glad we are that we took this job here at Viatel. It’s truly been a crazy but memorable first four weeks.

The first day we received our welcome packs, got introduced to everybody and were shown our desks. We had a meeting with our line manager, Anwesh Adhikari, successful business specialist within Viatel, who explained our role in the company. The rest of the week we had in depth training sessions with various members of the team at Viatel where we learned all about the company and the various operations and services they provide. During the first week, we had a wonderful opportunity to spend a sales team bonding day in the Irish Military War Museum. Here we received a fascinating tour of the museum and we got an inspiring talk from former Lieutenant Colonel Bill Dougherty on leadership and motivation and how to apply it to the business world. How they have certain mantras they use to maintain motivation and energy levels to ensure that everything is done to 100% proficiency.

We flew over to Manchester the following Monday morning to partake in a week’s training in Sales Fundamentals. It was an intense week of training provided by a company called Pareto, experts in their field, they provided us with real skills we found were applicable immediately when we returned to Dublin. We learned skills here that hopefully will be transferable throughout our careers and we met people that we will stay in contact with in the future! It was a fantastic experience.

Our third week we focused on our event that was hosted in the Teeling’s Distillery where we talked about Software Defined Cloud and Connectivity. Hearing from some truly inspirational people, including our very own CEO Paul Rellis and Director of Sales and Marketing Damien McCann, as well as Tom Long who is the head of technical strategy of Cisco. Hearing what these successful and incredibly knowledgeable people had to say when it comes to the future of Software Defined Cloud Services. The whiskey wasn’t bad either!

Finishing off the fourth and final week of our first month within Viatel we were honored with being invited to the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards ceremony that was hosted in the City West Hotel, Dublin. Here we were able to hear business men and women’s inspirational stories of how they climbed the business ladder to reach success and excel all targets. It was a truly fabulous and inspirational event where we had the pleasure of networking with some of the most successful and influential people in business within the Isle of Ireland.

Moving forward we hope to add to the list of Ireland’s successful business people and working for a company as welcoming and stimulating as Viatel we have every faith that this target will be met. With help from our trusted colleagues and advice from our mentors who are trailblazers in the field of sales and marketing which will give us confidence moving forward. We were three graduates starting with no previous sales experience or prior knowledge about the kind of services Viatel provide. One thing that resonated with us after our first month was Viatel’s understanding to facilitate the learning we need to be successful in our new roles and for that, we are extremely grateful.

Kathleen Caulfield, Ferdia Donohoe, Cliodhna Fanning 


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