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Enable Calls in Microsoft Teams using your existing phone services


Unleash the power of MS Teams on your SIP Trunks in minutes

Viatel Voice4Teams is a simple addon to Office 365 that connects Microsoft Teams to your SIP trunk in minutes allowing you to make all your national and international calls from Teams

Keep your current SIP Trunks with all lines and numbers.

Super low cost national, international and mobile call rates with quality termination.

One screen for all your people’s “talking and typing”

Software based solution with plug n play install.

Why Voice4Teams?


  • 25 years Voice solutions experience

  • Super Skilled Cloud and Voice engineers

  • Tier 1 low cost call termination


  • Migrate existing numbers

  • Scale on Demand

  • Trial before you commit


  • No Hardware needed

  • Super fast deployment

  • Seamless porting of numbers

Cost Effective

  • Lowest Cost call rate

  • Reduce your expensive Mobile Bills

  • Flexible bundle plans

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