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Viatel Cloud Telephony
Simple, Cost-Effective, Cloud-Based Telephony

We offer a complete cloud telephony service, which host’s a virtual PBX solution in our FLEXI Cloud Data Centre in Dublin. Based on 3CX, it offers a complete Unified Communications solution.

Physical PBXs onsite in a business location are costly, they don’t scale very well and are often difficult to maintain. For many businesses, their PBX is coming to end of life, to which they are looking for an alternative, rather than investing heavily in hardware that won’t grow with them in the future.

Viatel’s solution can work with many pre-certified handsets and headsets. It also comes with a desktop and mobile client – giving you the option to remove physical handsets completely from desks.

Boost productivity

Viatel’s solution includes Unified Communications, enabling your employees to work smarter with tools such as Presence and Chat.

Call recording

Call recording is a built-in feature of the Viatel solution. Other solutions store recordings for a limited amount of time. Viatel can store call recordings in our cloud platform for as long as you need them.

Reduce costs

Instead of replacing end of life, creaking hardware, Viatel’s hosted solution is cloud-based – allowing you to remove hardware expenditure and only pay for what you need

Work on the go

Your landline can go with you everywhere. With Android and iOS clients, Viatel’s Cloud Telephony solution provides seamless mobility.

What our customers say about us!

"Partnering with Viatel has helped us improve access. Viatel's willingness to communicate openly and talk in plain language generates trust and builds confidence in future growth."

Dr. Frank Dolphin

CEO | Rigney Dolphin & Relate Care

We are very proud of our enterprise-grade solutions and support we supply to our clients. Find out how our tailored solutions can grow your business today.

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