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Types of Self-leveling Laser Levels: Pros and Cons of Each

There are three main types of self-leveling laser levels depending on their technology of operation. These self-leveling laser level types are; Wire-suspended compensators, the Pendulum or Gimbal type laser levels, and electronic self-leveling types. It is important to pay attention to these technology or mechanism types when searching for the best self leveling laser level and fortunately, you can rely on ➭➭➭ best self leveling laser level reviews to make the best choices. The pros and cons of each type of self-leveling laser levels are highlighted below;

Wire suspended compensator self-leveling laser levels

This is one of the oldest types of self-leveling laser levels that rely on pendulum plumb bob and this technology is found in the auto-leveling optical levels till today. The main principle behind this technology is that light is projected into the compensator, before entering prisms of mirrors before it finally exits the lenses and other prisms.


  • Simple and very accurate

  • Cheaper.


  • It can be easily damaged due to the platform hanging on thin wires.

  • It requires more checks and calibration.

The Pendulum or Gimbal Type Technology

You must have come across this type of self-leveling technology when reading the best laser level for builders product reviews because it is quite common among dot and line lasers. The mechanism comes with a knocking knob for protection. The principle of working is similar to the wire suspended in that a central pendulum is mounted on a gimbal bearing, hence the pendulum will float freely to self-level your projects. A magnetic stop is normally included in the mechanism to stop the movement of the pendulum when the level is not in use. Please read more on levels with pendulum technology on the best laser level for builders to buy LaserLevelHub◄◄◄ 【HOT】 for great bargain.


  • In-expensive and highly reliable.

  • It offers a more robust mechanism for fast self-leveling.


  • It only relies on a friction-free bearing to work; hence its functions may be impaired by wear and dust.

Electronic self-leveling

This is the most advanced type of self-leveling technology around and it is mostly found in rotary self-leveling levels. It is quite similar to the pendulum technology level except that it doesn’t float. The pendulum found here comes with a mounted electronic sensor to ensure that the pendulum moves only in the direction dictated by the sensor. The electronic sensors are vials and they normally come with a light detector on each side of the vial. When the adjoining bubble in the device is central, a maximum amount of light is allowed to pass through. This type of self-leveling laser could be the best laser level for electricians or builders or construction workers. You can read more on electronic self-leveling levels at ⫸⫸⫸✵✵✵ to ensure that you get the best bargain for your investment.


  • It is more accurate than other options

  • It is programmable to accommodate more features.


  • It can be a little slower than the other two options due to the mechanical and electronic components working together.


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