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What formats of publications are popular with readers

What are the best publication formats for corporate blogs

Here's where you need to start by figuring out exactly what you want from your blog. Usually, companies want basically one thing - leads. Leads, pay for papers which then will turn into subscribers, customers, in general, will bring profit to the business.

This task should always be kept in mind when you think about what to write about in your blog, when you make a content plan or a content matrix.

So what are the most popular publication formats with the readership?

It does not matter at all, by the way, pay for essay correction in what subject area, in what industry you sit. That is, in this case, the subject matter is not so important, because these are universal formats that "go" to almost any target audience.

Applied texts, which contain tools like "take it and do it." These are instructions and manuals of all kinds.

Selections - for example, a selection of tools that can be useful for work or life, a selection of books or resources, blogs, or publishers on one topic or another.

Selections of services - for example, we have a very popular publication, a selection of free photostocks. Such an article is, understandably, very relevant to anyone who works with content.

Cases. These are mostly stories of our clients about how with the help of content and publications in the media they get additional profits - registrations, sales, strengthen their reputation, increase brand awareness, etc. In your case, it could be your clients' cases on a topic that's relevant to you and your readers.

Columns by industry experts, but only if the expert does not engage in acynicism (what I see, what I sing) and broadcasts a truly unusual point of view that will hook the audience.

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