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VMware Recognises Viatel as an Advanced Cloud Provider

Viatel is very proud to announce that we have achieved advanced-level status in VMware Partner Connect. VMware is a global leader in cloud computing. Their partner programme rewards companies based on the value they bring to customers. Viatel’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Eilish O’Connor, explains that to achieve this distinction, Viatel had to exhibit broad expertise. “Most importantly, we had to demonstrate proven ability to meet our customers’ cloud needs.”

Cloud Compute and Cloud Storage

Working with VMware, Viatel streamlines the business journey to the cloud. Our cloud compute and cloud storage services are securely managed by our team, fully scalable and can be configured to specific company requirements. CTO, Eilish O’Connor, says that “We choose to partner with VMware because of their robust technology and their spirit of innovation which constantly delivers cutting-edge solutions.”

“We find their ethos resonates with our own: harness the cloud to enable businesses to deliver better customer experiences and empower employees to do their best work.” As an advanced-level partner, VMware recognises that Viatel has the expertise to help customers identify and implement their optimal cloud solution.

Get in touch

If you are reconsidering your cloud computing, storage, back up or disaster recovery needs, the team at Viatel would love to be of assistance. Our Solution Architects are available to provide detailed technical advice, specific to your business in brief, invaluable, one-to-one sessions. To set up a session please call 1800 930 860 or email


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