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Viatel’s Discovery Initiative is a Gateway to the Future for Irish Businesses

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Do you ever find yourself at your desk, thinking, 'There must be a better way to do this!'? Well, there is, and Viatel Technology Group is here to prove it to you.

Viatel Technology Group, a market leader in comms and digital services, has announced a ground breaking initiative to accelerate Irish organisations on their path to automation and innovation. Throughout the entire month of November, Viatel are offering exclusive, complimentary Discovery Consultations, where one fortunate company will have the chance to win five days development work.

(L-R) Sinead McNamara- Software Development Manager, Damien Lee- Director of Software Services, Frederico Aledia, Technical Team Lead- Viatel Technology Group.

Damien Lee, Director of Software Services at Viatel Technology Group, sets the stage for this exciting initiative. “Irish businesses are still slogging through time consuming manual processes, grappling with old Access databases, and struggling with apps and systems crafted by ex-employees that no longer serve their companies.”

“At Viatel we understand the transformative potential of technology. As a Gold Microsoft Partner with a sterling reputation in software development, we've successfully guided hundreds of businesses on their digital journeys. From building online passport application system for the Department of Foreign Affairs to collaborating with the National Lottery and reconstructing Chill Insurance's online quote engine, we've proven our commitment to innovation and excellence.”

Damien passionately explains the Discovery Initiative,

“This is an open invitation to all companies: bring us your pain! Tell us about your repetitive processes, your outdated apps, and your unscalable systems. We will assess your issues and tailor a solution from an array of options, from off-the-shelf solutions like Power Automate and Power BI, all the way to customised software.”

Following a comprehensive hour-long consultation with a seasoned technical lead and an experienced business analyst, participating companies will receive an outline project scope including costs. Damien underscores the vital role of pricing, “Companies might believe that this level of technical development is beyond their reach, but the landscape has evolved dramatically, with low-code apps proving to be a game-changer.”

With organisations currently in the midst of planning their 2024 budgets, discovery consultations make it easy to showcase the substantial savings and long-term positive impacts these projects can deliver to the bottom line.

“Our commitment to digitisation and development will enhance your company's efficiency. It's also fantastic news for your employees. This shift can transform how they spend their working hours, increasing job satisfaction and freeing them up for higher-value tasks. Far from fearing that AI will take their jobs; they'll be cheering, 'Bring on the Robots!'

How to participate in Viatel's Discovery Programme 1. Visit

2. Complete the form 3. Include as many details as possible about your issue 4. Select a time to meet our Discovery Team 5. Following a 60 minute online consultation, receive an outline scope to solve your problem.

As a special bonus, Viatel will select one lucky company to receive five days of free development work from every consultation scheduled from now until the end of November. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a new era of possibilities with Viatel Technology Group. Visit today.


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