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Viatel Expands Nationwide Network and Cloud Services to the Public Cloud

Looking to develop a Multi Cloud strategy and take advantage of the power of the Public Cloud and Private Clouds together?  Viatel, the ambitious leader in cloud and connectivity services in Ireland provides businesses with a nationwide network coverage combined with its own Dublin-based Data Centre for cloud services like IaaS, Backup, Disaster Recovery and Advanced Security Services.

Viatel is taking the next step and In a new partnership with Megaport, Viatel will now extend this offering into the public cloud with  a combination of its powerful network and the Cloud tools to scale the next generation of cloud-based IT architecture.

Viatel, will leverage Megaport’s world-leading connectivity solutions to expand its Software Defined Network (SDN) into the public cloud providing secure, low-latency and scalable connectivity to clients in Ireland.

Customers using Viatel’s network will be able to reach Megaport’s Ecosystem of more than 300 service providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Salesforce via direct connections through the Viatel SD-WAN.  That means the best of both worlds – public and private cloud.

Commenting on this milestone, Antonio Pogliani, Viatel’s CTO said “truly it’s fantastic to be part of this transformation.  We see more and more customers joining our cloud and connectivity services every day.  At Viatel we strive to make Cloud. Connectivity and Security simple to use together”.


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