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Viatel – Business as Usual

The team here at Viatel are committed to operating Business as Usual during this time of national response to the Covid19 outbreak. We can understand that this might lead to unprecedented conditions for your business operations. The good news is we have been busy testing our own continuity plans, thankfully over the years we have developed best practice plans in line with our ISO standards with full remote team capability once again tested this week.

We understand that your business demands will evolve in the short term, the way we work will change to combat and limit the spread of the virus, we will see significantly more remote working levels across the country.

It is important to note that the people you interact with at Viatel will be the same, same processes etc.

Please keep in mind that as usual Viatel are on hand 24/7 and ready to assist as you adapt to the changing environments, and we can also help with:

• Short Term bandwidth upgrades: Increase your HQ connectivity for short term period to cope with increase remote working demand

• Rapid Build of Circuits: On-net customers (Fiber & Licensed Radio) we are offering same day build additional service requests

• Data backup & DR: Backup up data quickly to our secure, certified Dublin location

• Homeworkers: Viatel’s Secure Homeworker product provides a safe secure homeworker connectivity and reroute calling solutions for your remote workers

• HQ connectivity Resilience: Viatel licensed wireless provides a cost effective backup connectivity solution for your HQ connectivity, if your teams are working remote you will need to consider a proper resilient connectivity solution

Our team are here to help, we understand these situations call for unprecedented measures, at every step we will be flexible in our approach to suit your business needs, please do not hesitate to contact our team at any stage on


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