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Viatel Announces Compliant Call Recording for MS Teams

At last! It is possible to record, archive, retrieve and monitor communication across Microsoft Teams. Microsoft added 95 million Teams users in 2020 as it became one of the most popular apps during the coronavirus pandemic. Yet many organisations, conscious of their regulatory and compliance obligations, could not embrace the phenomenon – or the functionality. To allow our customers to adopt Teams, safe in the knowledge that all their requirements will be met, Viatel is very proud to introduce our MS Teams Call Recording Solution.

The Verint recording solution from Viatel is the perfect solution for organisations that need to ensure regulatory compliance or want to monitor interactions for quality management. Read all about the solution features and the benefits of opting for a fully managed solution in our Product Guide: Compliant Call Recording for Microsoft Teams.

What Makes this the BEST MS Team Recording Solution

Our team of Solutions Architects rigorously researched and tested recording solutions for Microsoft Teams. Verint technology, available as a managed service from Viatel, emerged as the clear market leader.

  • Captures all Teams modes: meetings, calls, screen shares, chat.

  • Operates across multiple devices.

  • Recording is automatic for regulated users.

  • Data is encrypted and secure.

  • All interactions are stored for easy search and instant playback.

  • Quick to deploy. It can be up and running in just days.

  • Flexible terms and user numbers.

Let’s Talk Teams

Embrace Microsoft Teams for your organisation, safe in the knowledge you can meet all compliance requirements, no matter how stringent. To talk Teams with our team call 1800 930 860 or email


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