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Proven Partnership with Progress Systems

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Progress Systems supplies software and hardware solutions to over 200 credit unions in Ireland and the UK. Witnessing our work with our mutual customers led Progress Systems to turn to Viatel to supply their own office with high performance, highly available connectivity.

Now Progress are confident that their own network will operate without interruption - leaving them free to deliver the dedicated support the credit union sector trusts them for.

"We had worked with Viatel previously in relation to their provision of connectivity to our customers. These interactions were instrumental in our decision to engage with Viatel for the provision of highly available Internet connectivity which is critical to our business.
Highly-available Internet connectivity and the 24/7 support provided by Viatel delivers reassurance that our offices will continue to operate without interruption of Internet connectivity.
We communicated specific requirements to Viatel which were delivered on in the very smooth implementation.
Viatel is a valuable partner and we are happy to recommend them onwards."
Liam O'Hagan Progress Systems

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