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Our experts' five key steps to making the ISO 27001 framework a success

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Viatel Technology Group is very proud to have recently extended our ISO 27001 certifications, which now cover our managed service business and data centres.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 certification relates to Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and is the international standard for managing risks related to the security of information and data that an organisation holds. For Viatel, ISO 27001 provides an invaluable framework to ensure that customer data continues to be protected.

Expert advice on securing ISO 27001 certification

We asked our in-house experts Alex Lowry and Michael McGahon to lend the benefit of their experience to organisations considering embarking on an ISO 27001 certification journey of their own. Watch Alex and Michael in conversation or get their top five tips below.

Top five tips for securing ISO 27001

1. Don’t be afraid of it ISO 27001 certification is in place to benefit you as an organisation. Certification criteria is designed as an adaptable framework. One of they key benefits that Alex highlights is that it allows organisations to tailor it to the size, needs and the scale of their business.

2. "It's how we do our jobs everyday": Make it part of your mindset Approaching ISO 27001 with an operational improvement mindset has hugely contributed to its success at Viatel Technology Group. Alex advises any ISO applicant against thinking of it as a 'tick the box' exercise. At Viatel Technology Group, ISO is part of everything we do across the organisation and factors in all aspects of decision making. It is embedded in all of our policies and processes and reinforces that we are doing the right thing at every step.

3. Top-down buy in Implementing information security correctly requires a vested commitment from senior leadership to allow it to become successful within the business. Otherwise, as Michael points out, organisations will be swimming against the tide.

Understanding the importance of information security at senior level is the foundation of its implementation throughout the organisation. Michael McGahon, Head of Projects, Systems & Compliance, Viatel Technology Group

4. Get the right people involved: stakeholders Stakeholder involvement across the business is vital, according to Michael. Different insights contribute to the development of effective security policies, controls, and procedures that all play a huge role in its success.

Bringing cross-departmental subject matter experts together enables a holistic understanding of security risks and requirements to be achieved. Michael McGahon, Head of Projects, Systems & Compliance, Viatel Technology Group

5. Take people on the journey with you: training Comprehensive training empowers employees at all levels to become vigilant guardians of information security. By fostering a culture of awareness and responsibility, training reduces the likelihood of human errors and security breaches. These combined efforts not only bolster an organisation's cybersecurity posture but also cultivate a resilient environment capable of meeting ISO 27001 standards and withstanding evolving threats.

In information security, people are both your biggest strength and your biggest weakness.

Alex Lowry, Strategic Projects Manager, Viatel Technology Group

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