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Powerful connections and a great cup of coffee: Orion answers Bear Coffee’s prayers

Coffee worshippers have a new place of pilgrimage: Bear Market Coffee are now roasting and serving the freshest, hand-crafted coffee in Ireland from the august surroundings of Olde Church, Stillorgan. In keeping with Bear Market’s M.O., Olde Church is a completely cashless outlet. Viatel is ensuring the ‘tap n’ go’ approach is seamless for coffee lovers with the provision of Orion for guaranteed, always-on connectivity.

Cash is no longer king

Bear Market’s store in George’s Street became the country’s first cashless coffee shop when it opened in 2019. The pandemic copper fastened the company’s cashless ethos. Bear Market CEO, Stephen Deasy, who founded the firm with his wife Ruth, doesn’t think they’ll ever go back to cash. “From an operational perspective it presents several benefits for us, faster service for our customers including hygiene, security, and accounting, cutting down on costs.”

Cashless consumers pre and post pandemic

Even before Covid-19, consumers shopped without any cold hard cash in their pockets. With over six million credit and debit cards active in the Irish economy, they expected to tap and go, wherever they went. Card transactions increase retailers’ reliance on robust connectivity. Any interruption results in customers leaving the premises without making a purchase. Every disruption costs money.

Orion: robust retail connectivity

Viatel makes it easy for retailers to safeguard their connectivity with Orion, our award-winning autofailover technology. In the event of a network outage, Orion switches devices smoothly from a primary to a secondary Internet connection. Once the main connection is restored, Orion automatically switches all systems back to the primary source.

Bear Chairman, Derek Hughes, is delighted to have Orion in place. “Orion is the perfect solution for us; it is a key way to guarantee that the customer experience at Bear Coffee lives up to the ideal. As our business further develops more digital and e-commerce options having a responsive and proactive partner like Viatel that we can count on is crucial."

Why Orion is a dream for retail

  • No downtime, anytime

Evenings and weekends are some of retail’s busiest times. Contacting IT support outside of normal office hours can be impossible, so peak time outages are a potential disaster. With Orion, retailers can relax knowing that, whatever time an outage occurs, trade will continue as normal.

  • Card terminals

Card terminals continue to work normally even in a breakage; our engineering allows transactions to process seamlessly.

  • PCI compliant

Viatel connections are secure, helping vendors to stay PCI compliant and processing payments as usual.

For your coffee fix…

Bear’s speciality coffee is exclusively available online at and at their outlets in Stillorgan, Blackrock, Pembroke Street, George’s Street, the IFSC, Decathlon in Ballymun and George’s Quay.

And to fix your connectivity

To learn more about Orion please visit or talk to our team about on 01 256 9200 or


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