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Modernising Connectivity for SMEs by Robert Kelly

55% of SMEs still rely on outdated broadband technologies*

Our partners, SIRO and Guaranteed Irish, are delving into the critical importance of not being part of this statistic in an upcoming webinar.

Viatel Technology Group, Guaranteed Irish’s Technology Company of the Year, has teamed up with SIRO to give one lucky attendee fibre connectivity for a year.

Meanwhile, we asked Robert Kelly, who leads Viatel’s mid-market team for his thoughts on the 55%.

  • Wider Availability: In more remote areas, access to fibre was always limited. Ireland’s infrastructure has transformed so businesses should recheck what is available to them.

  • Awareness: SMEs might be operating under the assumption that their current plan is sufficient. They might not be fully aware of the different broadband technologies available, the benefits of faster speeds, or the potential cost savings associated with improved efficiency.

  • Technical Advice: Businesses might lack the in-house IT expertise to navigate different providers, plan requirements etc. They may stick with their incumbent provider due to a they fear they won’t choose the best solution for their needs. That’s where expert advice from a company like Viatel can really help.

  • Focus on Core Business:  For most businesses, core business operations take priority. Researching a new connectivity contract might seem less urgent than immediate business needs but the benefits they will reap in productivity and enhanced customer and user experience will pay dividends.

For expert advice on the best available connectivity for your business, please contact Viatel with your Eircode and we’ll help you to take it from there:

T. 01 256 9200

(*Findings from a recent SIRO & Amarach Research study)

The webinar will be led by Brid O'Connell, CEO of Guaranteed Irish, Jack Molloy, Sales and Marketing Manager of Azzurri Sport and Seán Dervan of Enterprise Business Development at SIRO.


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