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Introducing Office 365 Backup as a Service by Viatel

81% of IT professionals have experienced a data loss in Office 365, the reasons provided ranged from simple user error to major full scale data security attack.

Viatel’s team of cloud architects have developed an Office 365 Back up as a service offering, which is designed to eliminate the risk of losing your Office 365 Data (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive for business and Teams). Our Office 365 Backup service ensures your users’ O365 data is always protected and accessible leaving zero data gaps with full restoration included in the service.   Our secure connectivity, voice and cloud solutions are first class. 

The service is available in a simple pay as you go commercial model and Viatel don’t charge any CAPEX or data transfer fees. Viatel’s O365 Backup As A Service can be quickly deployed so your backup project moves from engagement with our cloud architects to deployment at lightning pace. All your O365 backups can be viewed and managed on our intuitive easy to use portal giving you the ultimate control of your data.

Don’t wait for the next data loss or security attack to happen, contact our team on or call 1800 930 860 today to discuss your O365 backup requirements.


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