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Frontline fundraiser #PullOnTheGreenJersey

On Friday 29 January, the team at Viatel joined with our colleagues in Digiweb and Ripplecom to don our finest green attire and raise funds for frontline healthcare workers. Together we raised €2,000 and, with everyone working from home, whole families got involved and had a lot of fun!

The idea behind #PullOnTheGreenJersey

Hospitals are under severe pressure as the Covid surge continues to impact wards and ICUs. Depleted staff and huge caseloads mean our doctors and nurses are under more pressure than ever. Paul Reid, Director General of the HSE, has said its time for the people of Ireland to #PullOnTheGreenJersey and get behind our healthcare workers by staying at home. So the teams at Viatel, Digiweb and Ripplecom vowed to climb out of our usual WFH finery, dig out forty shades of green and donate to our doctors and nurses.

Take a peek From lads who could have played county to Ringo the cat, get a look at all the pictures from the big day here:

Thank you A huge thank you to everyone who took part to support such a good cause. Till next time - stay safe, safe at home and keep washing your hands!

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Andrea Becket
Andrea Becket
Sep 10, 2021

Very thoughtful bblog

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