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Disrupting Traditional Models with Cloud & Software-Defined Intelligence and Connectivity

Part of the Digiweb Group, Viatel is the largest Irish-owned provider of advanced software-defined intelligence and connectivity.

With over 20 years’ experience innovating within the industry, Viatel is now repositioning its business model to cloud and software-defined connectivity disrupting the market and helping a growing customer base take advantage of the ever changing digital world.

Earlier this year, Paul Rellis was appointed as CEO of Viatel. Formerly chief operations officer for Microsoft Western Europe and former CEO of Microsoft Ireland, Rellis takes over the reins from company founder Colm Piercy, outgoing CEO and new chair of Viatel. Rellis brings to the company a wealth of leadership knowledge, global perspective and networks deployed over many years in the technology business in both Ireland and Europe.

This is a pivotal time at Viatel and Rellis is looking ahead to leading the company to the next level in its growth opportunities, both in Ireland and internationally: “Business leaders are constantly searching for new opportunities to grow their business. Technology is evolving too, with the emphasis now on software being the fuel for business expansion, we are the largest Irish-owned provider of advanced software-defined network intelligence and I strongly feel we have something special at Viatel. Our services are changing the course of connecting business to the internet in Ireland, and software is the key to so much success, productivity and automation in many industries – and telecommunications is no different now”.

“Traditional telcos here are far too slow at adopting software into their networks, unlike us, and they are unable to move as fast as us because they are straddled with legacy technology and expensive business models. This ultimately means customers pay more for a poorer and sluggish service in the legacy world. We are disrupting that”, states Rellis.

International Connectivity

Viatel has identified significant growth opportunities in delivering software-defined connectivity and key cloud data services, like storage and disaster recovery. Its perspective is also that artificial intelligence built into its cyber security solutions is a winner and not just the preserve of large enterprise businesses – it can be available cost effectively to businesses of all sizes.

Rellis continues: “We have applied software to how we run our business – we have every square kilometer of the country mapped on a Google Earth app so we can see all the services available to every single business in the country. This is a unique advantage for us. The secret sauce we have is the combination of the great network, partners and our own data centre here in Dublin.”

Viatel can provide private cloud services over its network very cost effectively being an independent company, and it can move a lot faster than the bigger players who are saddled with slow processes. It has international connectivity, and partners too, with four links into the UK and the points of presence with direct reach into cities such as London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and Zurich.

“We are big enough to be credible in this market – and small enough to care. We cater for all size businesses, from entry level digital services for SMEs to top-level requirements for larger businesses.”

Viatel has a well established reputation of quality service and expertise in personnel and services. Its customers have the tools needed, provided by Viatel, to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. “We don’t have the pressure of a PLC or shareholders that demand that one size fits all, so we have the ability to take a long-term view with our customers – tailoring solutions to meet their needs and requirements to make their businesses more successful,” comments Rellis.

Quality Service with Rapid Support

“We have a really great team and our dedicated account managers use high levels of automation to make our services available 24/7/365. They provide quality service with rapid support delivery, concludes Rellis.

Viatel’s long-established customer portfolio is impressive – with successful global and Irish companies such as VoxPro, SAP, Hubspot, Workday, Repak, Centric Health, Boylesports, Payzone Ireland and TIFCO Hotel Group.

It is more than evident that Rellis’s cloud and connectivity vision for the future of Viatel is exciting. The transition under Rellis and his new leadership team is well under way and in safe hands.


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