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Have a Coffee with...Robert Kelly

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Name: Robert Kelly

Job Title: Mid-Market Sales Manager

How long have you worked with us?

4 years

Tell us a little bit about your role please

I lead a talented group of salespeople whose objective is to identify technologies that will help potential and existing customers grow their own individual businesses. We build and maintain strong long-lasting relationships both internally and externally through regular contact via phone or face-to-face meetings. The team have been successful in growing new products lines for business in connectivity, cloud, colocation, security and managed services.

Give us the highlights tour of your career to date

During my late school/early college days I worked for Dunnes Stores where I ran a fruit and veg section. I absolutely loved it and dealing with customers was fantastic. I used to promote fruit of the week which was great fun so fruits like pomegranate, vomit fruit and passion fruit which were not as common back then as they are now.

After studying marketing management at college, I joined eircom, a great introduction to the world of technology. My first manager said to me in the world of ISP’s you learn something new every day. 18 years on, I think I can say this is such a true saying. Early in my career I ran a service team, before moving into sales around 2008 and then managing various sales teams. In 2013, I completed a masters in strategic management, something I am proud of given I had spent most of my school days out on the running fields.

I joined Viatel in 2019. Given its origins from County Louth, it seemed like such a natural progression. Being part of the Viatel brand and its growth over the last number of years is of immense satisfaction. Working daily with people that genuinely care about what they do makes Viatel the company it is today, but as they say it is only the runway in front of you that is important whether taking off or landing.

What do you love most about working with Viatel?

One of the things I enjoy most is the breath of people you get to deal with across the country whether internally within Viatel or externally with our great customers. I really enjoy meeting different characters throughout a working week. .

Describe yourself in three words

Happy, diligent, considerate.

Tell us something we don’t know about you

I was born at 13:00 on Friday the 13th.

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