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The Single Solution Provider for Boston College

Boston College Ireland, a prominent American university with strong ties to Ireland, faced the challenge of refreshing its network and IT systems to support its international community. To address this, they partnered with Viatel Technology Group, for a comprehensive IT and network solution.

Background and challenges

Situated in beautiful Georgian buildings in the heart of Dublin, Boston College Ireland supports study abroad students and offers summer study programs and internships. Thea Gilien, Director of Programmes at the college, emphasises the crucial need for reliable connectivity due to close interaction with the parent university in Boston and the high number of connected devices carried by students and faculty.

Solutions Delivered

  • Cloud Voice

  • Dedicated Fibre

  • Managed WiFi

  • Managed Firewall

  • Cloud migration


1. Rapid Deployment and Response Times:

With Viatel Technology Group, the network refresh project proceeded swiftly and efficiently. Thea commends the friendly and helpful support provided, with quick response times and resolutions to any encountered issues. The presence of Viatel's 24/7/365 Network Operations Centre further adds reassurance.

“Everyone has been friendly and helpful. Response times are quick and we have had a speedy resolution to any issues encountered.”

2. Streamlined IT

Consolidating services with Viatel as a single partner has been a hugely positive experience for Boston College. Thea highlights the time-saving aspect of dealing with a single supplier for support, billing, and administration, enabling her and her colleagues to focus on their core responsibilities.

“Dealing with a single supplier in terms of support, billing and administration is a delight. It saves so much time for me and my colleagues and frees us up to concentrate on our own task and priorities.”

3. Trusted Advisor:

Having a technology partner willing to collaborate with Boston College's IT Department in Boston proved immensely beneficial during the project. Viatel's Solution Architects provided valuable technical insights when needed. Thea enthuses over the college's Account Manager, Patrick Crilly, who acts as a trusted advocate, seeking answers and solutions on their behalf and effectively communicating them.

“To commit to a change in infrastructure, you must have a partner you can trust. Our account manager looks out for our interests and advocates for us within the business. He goes and finds answers and solutions on our behalf and then translates them for me – because I’m not an engineer!”

In summary, Boston College's collaboration with Viatel Technology Group enabled them to overcome their network and IT challenges, resulting in improved communications, streamlined operations, and a trusted partnership for future endeavours.

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