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Barnardos' Christmas Appeal 2023 at Viatel Technology Group

This Christmas, Viatel Technology Group is supporting Barnardos, one of Ireland’s leading children’s charities. Barnardos believes every child deserves a happy Christmas. Our team has been supporting Barnardos' vision for vulnerable children for many years.

Luke Brennan, Senior Voice & Network Engineer at Viatel, recently became the worthy winner for our Caring Collaborator Viatel Technology Group SuperStar Award. #WeCareDeeply is one of our core values at Viatel and Luke embodies that value with his commitment to his colleagues and our customers. Within Viatel, Luke has been the driving force behind the Barnardos' Christmas Appeal. In the lead-up to Christmas, we sat down with Luke to learn more about the relationship, why the Christmas Appeal is so important for the charity, and what the people of Viatel do to help.

1. Tell us a little bit about how you became involved with Barnardos.

"We have been doing a Barnardos Christmas Toy Appeal in the company for as long as I can remember. I have been involved for about 12+ years at this stage. I suppose I just fell into it naturally and wanted to make sure it got a good push as December neared every year. It always generated a good bit of fun around the place with people rummaging through the toys collected and comparing the latest Lego sets that were out and looking for ideas!"

2. Why is it so important for Viatel (and beyond) to get involved with Barnardos, particularly at Christmas?

"From dealing with Barnardos over the years it is clear they really help to support some of the most vulnerable children throughout the country. Working with Barnardos at Christmas helps them to empower families to give these children the Christmas they deserve.

"Sometimes it is easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas as we go about our busy lives but at the end of the day, it comes down to spending quality time with family and friends. If we can do a little bit to take some of the pressure off families and help to make that happen then it’s worth it."

3. How has the team at Viatel responded to the Christmas appeal over the years?

"The response has been phenomenal every year and has grown and become Viatel's thing at Christmas. We would usually have received a set list of things to buy or cover in advance but we always end up with at least twice that as more and more people get involved over the few weeks leading up to Christmas. It really adds to the Christmas spirit around the office."

4. Having won Viatel’s ‘Caring Collaborator’ SuperStar Award, we know that giving back is something you strongly believe in. What are some other worthwhile causes you would encourage others to support this time of year?

"The IMNDA (Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association) does great work to support victims of this disease and their carers - including nurse visits and providing equipment. I have firsthand experience of this devastating disease after a close family member was diagnosed a few years ago. There is no cure and it is known as the 1000-day disease. People might remember the Ice Bucket Challenge from a few years ago followed by Drink Tea for MND and more recently Climb with Charlie after well-known broadcaster Charlie Bird was diagnosed. So this is always a great cause to get involved in and support."

Learn more about Barnardos' Christmas Appeal and donate, HERE.


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