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1800 Freephone Numbers

1800 numbers are freephone company numbers. Free to ring for the caller, the business receiving the call pays the bill. 0818 numbers, on the other hand, cost the caller the price of a local call.

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Low cost 1800 & 0818 numbers for your business

The rates associated with 1800 numbers have fallen in recent years. With Viatel, you will only pay for what you use. If your 1800 number is costing you too much, you may be tied to legacy rates. Our experts are happy to take a look at your current costs to see where we save you money.

  • No set up fee

  • No monthly rental

  • New or existing number set up in two working days

  • Zero disruption to your telephone

Freedom and choice of numbers
Non-geographic (NGN) numbers like 1800 and 0818 offer greater flexibility and freedom than traditional telephone numbers:

  • Not limited by area codes

  • Pick a number that’s easy to remember

  • Companies can even opt for a vanity number. A vanity number is made up of digits that spell a word. For example: 1800 VIATEL / 1800 842 835

Dwindling stock! Each 1800 or 0818 number can only be used once. Many good options are still available but the sooner you search for yours, the more choice you will have. Search for available numbers on our NGN number checker or reach out to our experienced team for help on 1800 930 860 

See the Benefits of 1800 Numbers

More Calls

1800 numbers are recognised as free to call. They increase the likelihood that a call is made and boost responses on advertising and marketing campaigns.

Inspire Trust

1800 is regarded as legitimate company prefix which is important as scam and nuisance calls make consumers reluctant to engage with companies via telephone.

Customer Service

Providing freephone numbers proves that your company values customer interaction. This enhances image and improves customer satisfaction. 


1800 numbers convey scale and national presence. Perception can play a large part in the decision-making process. Ensure your business looks the part.


These days, your team may be scattered in many locations. Once they can all be reached on the same single number, your company presents a united, professional front to the world.

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