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Sinead McNamara- Software Development Manager, Damien Lee- Director of Software Services,

Viatel’s Discovery Initiative 

Do you ever find yourself at your desk, thinking, 'There must be a better way to do this'?

Well, there is and Viatel Technology Group are here to prove it to you!

Viatel’s Discovery Initiative is a Gateway to the Future
for Irish Businesses

We are excited to launch a new groundbreaking initiative to accelerate Irish organisations on their path to automation and innovation.

Viatel are offering exclusive complimentary Discovery Consultations, where one fortunate organisation will have the chance to WIN their dream project!

A 60-minute consultation with an experienced member of our software development team. 

Deliver Outline scope to showcase the substantial savings and long-term positive impacts for your organisation

Follow these simple 4 steps to participate

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Fill the form and select a time-slot below

Thanks for submitting! Please make sure you select a time-slot in the calendar below.

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