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Take outdated to automated in just
Ten Days

Mundane tasks and manual processes are frustrating your business, wasting precious time and money.

Streamline repetitive workloads in just ten days.

Your path to Automate in Ten Days starts here

Our business apps development team harnesses the potential of Microsoft Power Automate enabling you to do more with less.

What is Power Automate?
Power Automate by Microsoft is the ultimate no-code-low-code solution. It supercharges Office 365 licensing options. Accelerated app building empowers organisations to automate more quickly and more securely.

The Business Benefits

Power Automate is proven to deliver value across all departments: Finance, Operations, IT, Customer Service, HR, Marketing and Sales.

  • Optimise Office 365 investment

  • Save time, boost productivity

  • Rapid implementation

  • Data insights and reporting

  • Workflow standardisation

  • Greater accuracy, error reduction

How We Approach Automation

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Our experienced team conducts an objective evaluation of process maturity

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We are laser focused on assessing effectiveness,
efficiency, standardisation, and continuous improvement.

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Identify areas of improvement and bottlenecks to improve efficiency, productivity and accuracy

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Enhanced performance and operational excellence

Timeline: Successful Automation in Ten Days
Understanding the challenge
Brainstorming the solution

We collaborate closely with the customer to uncover pain points, prioritise challenges, define goals and key functionality.
DAYS 2-7
Design the architecture
Hands-on development

Time to create an environment and develop. Key steps: identification of data sources, design of architecture, interfaces and workflows and Power Automate development.
DAYS 8-10
Solution demonstration
User testing and feedback

See the results. Our team demonstrate the development and gather feedback for further improvement. Next steps such as user testing and iteration are agreed.
To schedule an initial consultation with our team email:
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