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Software Defined WAN

Connectivity between multiple sites via a secure, resilient and highly-visible SD-WAN network that is optimised for the cloud

Developments in software have changed how we live and work. With more processes being automated through software, it was only a matter of time before software-defined networks gained in popularity. Along with providing cost reductions, Viatel’s SD-WAN solution provides a virtual private network between diverse sites but differentiates itself from MPLS VPNs by providing much more flexibility and visibility.

SD-WAN is a cloud-based technology that centralises the configuration and management of WANs. Control and monitoring of the network are done through a single-pane-of-glass (dashboard) that is easy to use for unified reporting across all sites.

Some additional benefits of implementing an SD-WAN solution include:

Transport Independence

While MPLS networks need to be built on On-Net (Viatel-provided) connections, SD-WAN can be configured across a variety of mediums – MPLS, Internet, 3G/4G; On-Net or Off-Net. This flexibility means that an SD-WAN solution can be rolled out quicker than MPLS and transient/mobile sites & users can easily connect to the VPN.

Application Optimisation

The centralised network provides visibility and control of the application traffic across the network. Quality of Service in SD-WAN goes beyond that of MPLS. Traffic identification can be done at layer 7 through Deep Packet Inspection, as well as traditional Layer 3 QoS. This allows for very granular traffic shaping as well as intelligent bandwidth management – prioritising business-critical traffic and applications.

Intelligent Path Control

With most MPLS deployments, the secondary / backup connection to a site is usually left idle or carrying minimal traffic while the primary is active. SD-WAN allows you to make better use of the uplinks available through dynamic policy and performance-based path selection. Automatic load balancing can be used for maximum network performance and reliability.

Secure Connectivity

Viatel uses SD-WAN security appliances integrated with Cisco security threat defence technologies. IPSec VPN technology is used to ensure secure communication with cloud applications, remote offices, or datacentres.
The SD-WAN solution pushes security to the edge where advanced security features like next generation firewall, IDS/IPS, malware protection and geo-IP based firewall strengthen network perimeters.

  • Fully managed SD-WAN solution covering all sites, large, small and mobile/temporary
  • 24/7/365 network operations centre monitoring and support
  • Full consultation and network design with Viatel’s SD-WAN specialists
  • SD-WAN supports full QoS (Quality of Service) as well as DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) for granular traffic shaping and prioritisation
  • Multiple access technologies (fibre, licensed radio, xDSL and Cellular) including on-net and off-net connections
  • Rapid deployment
  • Enterprise-class Cisco Meraki hardware & software
  • Private cloud connect
  • Guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Cloud-based portal for full visibility of WAN; including monitoring, reporting and traffic analytics

See What Our Customers Have To Say

The rollout of Viatel’s SD-WAN has been a game changer for our business, this network has driven efficiencies, lowered costs, significantly improved service speed while adding an additional layer of security to our WAN. The single pane of glass view provides a simple view on our network leaving us to get on with what we do best “engineering and design”.

Marian Doran, Head of IT Varming Consulting

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