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Antonio Pogliani

The cloud market is evolving rapidly and the pressure is on businesses to keep up. Ian Campbell talks to Antonio Pogliani, CTO at Viatel who are ready to help

According to IDG’s 2018 Cloud Computing survey, nine out of ten companies will have some part of their applications or infrastructure in the cloud by 2019 and the rest expect to follow by 2021. While this confirms that cloud is now an integral part of every organisation’s IT strategy, the survey of 550 IT decision-makers also revealed that 52 per cent of IT environments are still non-cloud. So discussions about how and what to migrate are as relevant as ever.

Antonio Pogliani, chief technology officer at Viatel, sees the cloud as synonymous with digital transformation and an increasing maturity in the way it is being used. “Although innovations introduced by the big cloud players have been, and still are, a real game changer, companies have got to a point where the challenge is to manage the complexity of a multi-cloud environment. They are trying to match their cloud strategy with their business objectives,” he said.

This plays to Viatel’s strengths, according to Pogliani, because the company provides the network fundamentals for securely connecting to clouds, before layering on additional services. “We‘re not trying to compete with cloud platforms like Azure; we’re all about listening to customers and shaping infrastructure in a flexible way to meet changing needs,” he said.

Multi-cloud requirements have become more pressing as hybrid becomes standard and organisations start to consume IT from different providers, public and private. “Originally everyone moved to a single cloud service, but people increasingly want hybrid — taking something from Azure and something else from Amazon Web Services,” said Pogliani. “Running different workloads in different clouds is something we can help with because of our network capabilities.”

Viatel has a range of service bundles that offer diverse connectivity with software-defined WAN capabilities. Supplementing this are cloud infrastructure solutions that were launched around 18 months ago. These include business continuity services which have been transformed by the convenience of the cloud. Backup-as-a-service, DR-as-a-Service and a managed security proposition are all now available to its customers.

“We are also working on a business analytics platform to be consumed as-a-service for customers storing data in our cloud. And we’re just starting to use artificial intelligence with a primary focus on security threat analytics,” he said.

To learn more about Viatel’s Cloud Offerings click here.

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