Cloud Journeys – Agility over Cost

//Cloud Journeys – Agility over Cost

Cloud Journeys – Agility over Cost

Antonio Pogliani

Organisations are still reluctant to migrate big parts of their businesses to the cloud and are not always convinced by the benefits.

Some ten years after the concept of cloud computing as we know it today began to take shape, it’s clear it’s triggered a paradigm shift in the way IT is delivered and consumed. Almost every type of organisation has undertaken some kind of cloud journey, though the destination is not always clear and the benefits sometimes uncertain. Some argue that it means so many different things to different people that it gets in the way of vendor/customer conversations.

The cost saving benefits of the cloud may have been called into question, but there are undisputed benefits of the virtualised platforms that provide highly scalable platforms for public and private cloud environments. “When I talk to companies, the number one reason they choose to move to the cloud is the agility and speed they get. With cloud computing you’re able to spin up a complex environment in hours as opposed to the weeks it takes with on premise infrastructure,” said Antonio Pogliani, head of hosting and managed services at Viatel.

There are many use cases for this newfound agility. Pogliani has customers leveraging it for everything from increasing workforce productivity and data centre consolidation to projects driving cost reduction. “There are companies looking to completely reimagine their business model using modern technologies,” he said.

In his view, Ireland is rapidly becoming a dominant force in cloud computing. “Thanks to a comprehensive strategic approach to develop the sector, cloud adoption is growing faster than the European average and I’m sure will continue to be an area of significant growth as businesses embrace digital transformation programmes and their cloud requirements become more and more complex”.

Pogliani stresses, however, that the cloud should always be treated as the means to an end, rather than the end in itself. He warned that some organisations are going to struggle with the journey. “ Many companies find moving from traditional IT services to a cloud-native approach a real challenge, and it significantly impacts critical aspects of their business, including security, costs, and even their culture as a company” he said.

Neither is there a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Viatel is careful to listen to each client’s needs because there are always going to be unique business requirements. “We built our enterprise cloud infrastructure with flexibility in mind to enable the cloud journey that’s right for each customer and whatever their business needs, where it’s a private or public cloud configuration, on premise, or a combination of them all”.


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