Look Before You Leap – Sunday Business Post

//Look Before You Leap – Sunday Business Post

Look Before You Leap – Sunday Business Post

The landscape has changed dramatically for those using and offering broadband, and there’s more to choosing a provider than speed and price, writes Quinton O’Reilly, Sunday Business Post.

Considering that its essentially a utility now – no business would be able to properly survive or function unless it has a decent connection, not to mention the sheer number of services that require online access – the question around broadband is what type of connection should you get and what should you prioritize?

Yet there is a disconnect between what people consider when signing up to a broadband service. The two factors that tend to be focused on are speed and price, since they’re usually placed front and centre of every ad relating to broadband, but there are more significant criteria to evaluate it on.

It can be said that a reliable broadband connection is more important than faster speeds. Stability is a factor that needs to be at the forefront when making a decision.

The concept of failover – a procedure where, in this context, if one broadband connection fails, a duplicate or backup service takes control. Keeping a connection alive – is more important than ever considering, that no matter how good a service is, there’s no such thing as 100% uptime. Being disconnected for half an hour or longer can be consequential for the business in question and the thing about disconnections is you’ve no idea how long it will take.

It’s something the Blanchardstown-based telecom Viatel provides and its director of sales and marketing Damien McCann says it’s a major focus for them as customers prepare themselves.

“We’re focused on both primary access and automated failover to backup access and give a totally resilient route into the business premise”. This could be the evolution of an in-service fibre path that’s given as a primary access but the backup service could be a licensed radio type service. “The customer can avail of fibre-like service but move over to the radio so that’s one element that customers are doubling down on, from their perspective the key is resilience”.

A key consideration for any broadband service level agreement (SLA) can be really important for businesses, and the type of one you get can help or hinder your business. McCann of Viatel, had said on SLA’s that businesses shouldn’t take any chances in that space. “Client’s need to be thinking about the resilience factor like support levels. Are they getting 24 hours support in the instance of a failure or emergency?”. Guaranteed repaired times are becoming a really important factor for companies. How quick a company can stand over an SLA and commit an engineer out there to restore services, that becomes a critical conversation, because… it’s the difference between a business surviving and not being able to operate. For a company, the connectivity service is life or death in terms of the business operations.

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Quinton O’Reilly, Sunday Business Post, November 2017

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