Solving the enterprise storage management problem

//Solving the enterprise storage management problem

Solving the enterprise storage management problem

Historically, more data generated means more storage needs, and ultimately more headaches. Enterprises are contending with the challenges of scaling capacity, performance and management while pressured to operate at greater cost efficiencies than ever before.

The traditional approach to purchasing storage is increasingly failing and not meeting demands of budget nor flexibility. Customers are locked into expensive CapEx cycles and rigid architectures that require over-provisioning and complex management.

Many companies would like to use the cloud as a new approach to storage management, but it isn’t without problems. High latency, unpredictable performance of internet transport and fear of data breaches may make the public cloud services unsuitable for many production applications.

New software-defined storage (SDS) architectures and as-a-service models are enabling a great shift to OpEx spending models. Enterprise storage-as-a-service enables organisations to take advantage of pay-as-you go, flexible storage to meet changing business and application needs, without compromising on performance or security and at lower costs – both on-premises and in the hybrid-cloud.

Viatel provides enterprise storage – but as a service. Organisations can enjoy all the performance, control and critical data management features they expect from traditional enterprise SAN, NAS and object storage solutions but they can consume them on-demand in a pay-as-you go model.

With unmatched flexibility, reliability and support, Viatel is delivering storage for the modern enterprise, enabling organisations with a storage model that fits their business model and the ability to be truly agile in a competitive, ever-changing market.

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